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FIFA 20 Team of the Week

Every week EA SPORTS FIFA releases the FIFA 20 TOTW (Team of the Week) on FIFA Ultimate Team. This includes the top performing FIFA 20 players of the week and each confirmed Team of the Week will be announced and updated here shortly after 15:00 (UK time) every Wednesday! Find out who the FIFA 20 TOTW players are and a prediction here.

Team of the Week


FIFA 20 Team of the Week 39

FIFA 20 Team of the Week 39 available from 18:00 on 1st July to 18:00 on 8th July (UK time). FIFA 20 players of the week:

Starting XI

  • GK: Schmeichel 87
  • CB: Sergio Ramos 92
  • CB: De Vrij 88
  • CB: Bartra 85
  • CB: Keane 85
  • CM: Fabián 86
  • CAM: Kramarić 85
  • CM: Ward-Prowse 82
  • LW: Mané 92
  • ST: Martial 87
  • ST: Džeko 86


  • GK: Rubén Blanco 86
  • RB: Schmid 81
  • CAM: Szoboszlai 83
  • ST: Embolo 84
  • ST: Cornelius 83
  • RF: Muriel 83
  • ST: Yilmaz 82


  • CM: Ulvestad 77
  • LM: Płacheta 74
  • CM: Dressel 69
  • ST: Børven 76
  • ST: Tietz 74

Team of the Week Prediction

You’ll find every FIFA 20 TOTW Prediction here! Discover every possible FIFA 20 Team of the Week below!

FIFA 20 TOTW 39 Prediction

FIFA 20 Team of the Week 39 Prediction

Starting XI

  • GK: Dmitrovic 83
  • CB: Bartra 85
  • CB: Keane 85
  • CB: De Ligt 89
  • CDM: Fabinho 87
  • CM: Casemiro 89
  • CM: Saul 90
  • LW: Pulisic 84
  • ST: Dzeko 86
  • ST: Martial 87
  • ST: Werner 91


  • ST: Kramarić 85
  • LW: Cabral 81
  • RF: Ōsako 81
  • CF: Waldschmidt 81
  • CM: Cuisance 79
  • CDM: Tufan 79
  • CB: Tagliapietra 77


  • CM: Ulvestad 77
  • ST: Galabinov 76
  • ST: Tietz 74
  • GK: Myhra 73
  • LM: Dressel 69

The idea is to give our readers a clearer understanding of which players are likely to receive cards from in-form players of the FUT 20 Team of the Week.

With our FIFA 20 TOTW prediction you will be able to guess which investments to make to win FIFA coins.


What is FIFA 20 TOTW Moments?

TOTW Moments will be the substitute for the regular TOTW or Team of the Week. It will be based on a historical TOTW release of previous FUT titles.

Each squad will be a reflection of a specific TOTW that was released from March in each year of the series.

All players will reflect their current teams, and their OVR increase will be in line with their FUT 20 upgrade path.

How long will we have TOTW Moments?

Until real football gets back to normal.

Will TOTW Moments affect other FIFA 20 modes?

Yes, it will be used for FUT Champions rewards, will be in packs, weekly featured squad within Squad Battles, SBC requirements, future FUT Objectives, Draft mode.

When does the FIFA 20 Team of the Week come out?

You might be wondering when the FIFA 20 TOTW comes out. The FIFA 20 Team of the Week, or TOTW, is released, and its official launch is confirmed, on Wednesdays each week.

What time does the FUT 20 Team of the Week come?

Regarding the time of release of the FUT 20 Team of the Week, it is officially announced by EA SPORTS FIFA at 15:00 (UK time) and is available in packs from 18:00 for one week.

What are FIFA 20 TOTW players?

If you’re wondering what a TOTW player is, every week EA chooses the 23 best players in the world. Based on great performances with their real-world teams, taking into account the latest league or national team match.

Selected players will get cards with improved stats in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT) and will be available in FIFA packs for one week!

Their normal/base cards will be temporarily removed from the FIFA packs, so keep this in mind for possible investments and earning FIFA Ultimate Team coins! Our prediction above will help you in that task.

These 23 enhanced cards make up the FIFA 20 Team of the Week squad. 11 cards from the starting eleven, 7 cards from substitutes and 5 from reserves.

Any of the FIFA 20 Ones to Watch (OTW) cards will be updated as soon as these players are released in the FUT packs!

Which of the FIFA 20 Team of the Week squads did you get a IF player from? Which do you think is the best FUT 20 Team of the Week? Let us know what you think via Twitter / Facebook or in the comments section below!