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FIFA 20 Marquee Matchups

Through FUT 20, we will bring you this FIFA 20 SBC prediction, specifically the FIFA 20 Marquee Matchups Prediction. Each Prediction along with the confirmed FIFA 20 Marquee Matchups. Earn many FIFA Ultimate Team coins thanks to the investments we show you!

Marquee Matchups

FIFA 20 Marquee Matchups #42 23rd July

FIFA 20 Marquee Matchups 23rd July
  • Trabzonspor – Alanyaspor
  • AEK – Olympiacos
  • Roma – Fiorentina
  • Benfica – Sporting CP

Group rewards: x1 Prime Gold Players

Marquee Matchups Prediction

All the FIFA 20 Marquee Matchups predictions here.

FIFA 20 Marquee Matchups Prediction #43 30th July

FIFA 20 Marquee Matchups Prediction 30th July
FIFA 20 Marquee Matchups Prediction Week 43 (Image thanks to @todotradeo)
  • Al-Nassr – Al-Hilal
  • Juventus – Roma
  • PSG – Lyon
  • Arsenal – Chelsea

Champions Marquee Matchups

Throwback UCL Marquee Matchups (27th May)

FIFA 20 Throwback UCL Marquee Matchups 27th May
  • Roma – FC Porto
  • Spurs – Liverpool

Complete challenges reminiscing of last year’s key matchups from the UEFA Champions League!

We’ll have this SBC in the meantime because of the Champions’ stoppage!

  • Non-repeatable.
  • Ends 29th May at 18:00 (UK time).
  • Group rewards: x1 Gold Players Premium

FIFA 20 Champions Marquee Matchups #8 11th March

FIFA 20 UEFA Marquee Matchups 8 11th March
  • PSG – Borussia Dortmund
  • Liverpool – Atlético Madrid

Group rewards: x1 Rare Mixed Players Pack

If you see in the requirements that FUT Swap is required, it is a bug, actually it refers to UCL card.

Champions Marquee Matchups Prediction

FIFA 20 Champions Marquee Matchups Prediction #3 eighths 10th March

FIFA 20 UEFA Marquee Matchups Prediction 10th March
(Image thanks to @titolucasfifa)
  • Liverpool – Atlético Madrid
  • Valencia – Atalanta
  • RB Leipzig – Tottenham Hotspur
  • PSG – Borussia Dortmund

As you know, EA releases a new Squad Building Challenge every week, every Thursday at 18:00 (UK time), with the 4 most important matches of the weekend, included in the FIFA 20 Marquee Matchups SBC.

It looks like EA will release the FIFA 20 Marquee Matchups on Thursdays, leaving the European Marquee Matchups for Tuesdays!

Keep in mind that the success of these potential FIFA 20 Marquee Matchups, and having invested in players for these teams, can earn you many FIFA Ultimate Team coins!


Usually it takes one or two players from each of them! We always recommend to go for nearby players at a discarded, to avoid big losses in case of failure!

  • Players to be discarded.
  • The players on the sidelines, left/right backs, wings or left/right midfielders, are the ones who tend to rise most in price (especially left/right backs).
  • If you don’t want to risk it, CB is the best position.
  • Gold card. If there isn’t any, we buy silver.
  • If there is none for that position, buy any other (always to be discarded).

What does Buy to Discard mean?

  • Rare gold: 600-700 coins.
  • Common gold: 350-450 coins .
  • Rare silver: 250 coins .
  • Common silver: 150 coins.
  • Rare bronze and common: 150 coins.

Marquee Matchup Meaning

It’s a FIFA 20 SBC that releases EA each week of four matches that they consider to be the highlights of the following weekend (or midweek if there are Champions in the European marquees).

There are two, the European marquee matchups, are released on Tuesdays at 18:00 and the league marquee matchups, on Thursdays at 18:00 (UK time).

What do you think of each FIFA 20 Marquee Matchups prediction? Would you include any other matches that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know what you think via Twitter / Facebook or in the comments section below!