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Ultimate Team Online

Ultimate is born to spread information about the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode of EA SPORTS FIFA 20. We will help you with the best Ultimate Team tips and tricks to win many FIFA coins to create your dream team, with the best football players in the world. You are in the right place to create your Dream Team!

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) News

Access all news and updates on FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) from here.

We help you predict which players can go on each Ultimate Team promotion or event. This can help you to make investments or trades. Access each of our predictions from each event page.

You should know that the best way to grow and improve your squad is to access the rewards offered in the different modes of FIFA Ultimate Team, such as the FUT Champions rewards.

We offer you a table where you can see the delivery schedules of the existing FIFA Ultimate Team rewards for different regions. Also keep in mind that these schedules are the best to make investments, since many packs will be opened and the greater the offer, the greater the possibility of buying bargains or cheap players!

EVENTSDAY / HOUR (Spain - Madrid)DAY / HOUR (Mexico - Mexico City)DAY / HOUR (Costa Rica - San Jose)DAY / HOUR (Argentina - Buenos Aires)
Squad BattlesMonday 02:05Sunday 19:05Sunday 18:05Sunday 21:05
Champions Marquee MatchupsTuesday 19:00Tuesday 12:00Tuesday 11:00Tuesday 14:00
TOTWWednesday 19:00Wednesday 12:00Wednesday 11:00Wednesday 14:00
RivalsThursday 08:55Thursday 01:55Thursday 00:55Thursday 03:55
FUT ChampionsThursday 10:00Thursday 03:00Thursday 02:00Thursday 05:00
Marquee MatchupsThursday 19:00Thursday 12:00Thursday 11:00Thursday 14:00

EA SPORTS FIFA keeps the game experience alive throughout the football season in FUT. How do they do it? By creating promotions or events from time to time. These are usually accompanied by the release of special cards that appear in FIFA packs, with improved or updated statistics or stats, including the raising of ratings or averages of the cards.

In addition to event-themed packs, they also often release Squad Building Challenges (SBC) with juicy rewards, including special players. Another method that is also used is through daily or weekly objectives. Below are the latest FUT events:

To create the best possible FIFA Ultimate Team squad, you must know which players are the best by position and league. Below you can access all the Ultimate Team cards with the ratings of FUT players:

From here you can access the EA SPORTS FUT Web App, also known as FIFA Web App or FIFA Ultimate Team Web App. You can enter Ultimate Team from your PC with your preferred browser to manage your squad!

There are also unofficial tools such as FUTBIN, known as FUTBIN Import. From our page you will learn how to install this utility and know all the functions that it brings. It will help you a lot in the task of completing the SBC and when to buy and sell players to get maximum benefit as it shows you the prices of the FIFA Ultimate Team players.

What is Ultimate Team?

New to Ultimate Team? Don’t worry, on this site you will learn everything you need to know to succeed in this FIFA game mode. Here is what Ultimate Team is all about.

The FIFA Ultimate Team mode, also known as Ultimate Team simply, which first appeared in FIFA 15, allows you to create teams using players from all leagues to play both offline and online to win coins that will allow you to buy better players or packs containing random players. Your goal will be to create the ultimate best team!

Clarify that FIFA Ultimate Team is an online experience, meaning that you must have your device, either a console or a PC, connected to the Internet at all times while you play, so that your progress is saved on EA’s servers. In addition, there are applications, both web application, FIFA Web App, and mobile, FIFA Companion App (available on Android and iOS), to manage your team!

The players come in the form of cards, which you can buy at the transfer market or through packs. The players can be bronze, silver or gold, in a basic mode, depending on their average or overall rating.

FIFA Ultimate Team Cards Bronze Silver Gold
FIFA Ultimate Team Cards Bronze Silver Gold

There are seasons when you play in 10 divisions, starting in division 10 trying to move up. You play randomly with people online who are in your division and there is no leaderboard. You only have to reach a certain number of points in a certain number of games to be promoted or win the division. If you do not reach the minimum points you will be relegated to the next division below the current one. You can play as many seasons as you like.

There are also friendly matches where you can play against random people online or against a friend. You can also have the guest mode where 2 people on 1 console can play together. The opponents can be 1 player or have a guest as well.

The goal is clear, to win as many games as possible, that will give you more coins (or you can speed up your path to success by buying cheap FIFA Points). Ultimately, it will give you access to better players and create your dream squad.

Does your Ultimate Team continue between different versions of FIFA?

If you’re wondering if your Ultimate Team continues between versions of FIFA, no, it’s new and you’re starting from scratch. The players or coins you have acquired do not switch to the new version of FIFA. You will start with random players that you get in a starting pack as a new player (bronze, silver and gold pair).

Why play FIFA Ultimate Team?

All football lovers have a manager or coach inside. If you also like videogames, the FIFA Ultimate Team mode in the EA SPORTS FIFA saga is for you. We all want to have the best football players in the world in our favourite teams, at least here you can get it! Can you imagine a Cristano Ronaldo card with 99 ratings in your team? Maybe you can get it if you are very good with the controller (or tradeando)!

You will have infinite possibilities of combinations for the creation of squads, create it in a way that suits your tastes, and you will be able to add some legends, now called ICONS, of world football! When it comes to playing, you’ll have plenty of formations to choose from to bring your favourite style of play to the field – be unique on your path to success!

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